Early Release Monday PD #7 - April 2, 2018 has ended
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Monday, April 2


AP Practice Testing Session - MSHS - Various MSHS VariousFULL zzz Admin, Speakers, Counselors, Teacher Librarians MSHS VariousFILLING Building Independence for Reading Complex Text - MSHS Rm# 402 MSHS Rm #402LIMITEDBrandon Gilles • Alicia Jackson Google Classroom for Student Learning and Engagement - MSHS Rm #411 MSHS Rm #411FULLAngie Allen How do you know what you know is true? - MSHS Rm # 403 MSHS Rm # 403FULLRyoji Bunden • Laura Quiroz Hyperdocs - Deep Dive into Self-Guided Learning - MSHS Rm #406 MSHS Rm #406FULLJoanne Glantz Let's Get Engaged - Level 3: The Honeymoon is Over - MSHS Rm #410 MSHS Rm #410FULLJessica Justice • Tammy Treber • Sheryl Xavier CTE Workshop - Invititation Only - D.O. Teacher Workshop D.O. Teacher WorkshopFULLKristin McKenna • Laura Toney The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe through a Technology Environment - MSHS Rm #405 MSHS Rm #405FILLINGJamie Smith Does this lesson meet the demands of the Standards? - MSHS Rm# P12 MSHS Rm P12LIMITEDJulie Rodriguez ELPAC in Designated and Integrated ELD: What does this mean for my instruction? - MSHS Rm P11 MSHS Rm P11LIMITEDGen Almanzar Making Math Visible by Using Algebra Tiles - MSHS Rm #P9 MSHS Rm P09FILLINGJohn Martin Word Problems in a Middle School Math Classroom - MSHS Rm P10 MSHS Rm P10LIMITEDPhillip Mackey PE Workshop - Invitation Only - Madera High School Rm# 311 MHS Rm 311FULLJamie Brown Science 7 Design Team - Invitation Only (RC) - Rain Creek Conference Room Rain Creek Conference RoomFULLAmanda Bertram DBQs for Social Studies and ELA - MSHS Rm #401 MSHS Rm #401LIMITEDDino Mangano • Raymond Selway VAPA - Vertical Teaming and Planning - Invitation Only - MSHS Rm # P13 MSHS Rm P13FULLMarcheta Williams